Welcome to the NC Peach Growers Society!

The North Carolina Peach Growers’ Society supports improvements in all aspects of peach production through research at NC State University, and helps growers expand their local markets with support from Cooperative Extension and the Department of Agriculture.

The Society sponsors an Annual Meeting the fourth Tuesday of every January, which brings the latest pest and orchard management information from University Specialists, tips on marketing and more. Field days, special workshops and training events are also sponsored by the Society throughout the year. These efforts provide peach growers with the most effective tools to improve their crops and, most importantly, their profitability.

Membership in the North Carolina Peach Growers Society helps to support the industry in North Carolina. A strong, active membership informs state policy makers that the peach industry is an important and valuable commodity for North Carolina, and worthy of continued support through designated funds for University specialists and the Department of Agriculture.

As state policy makers face tough decisions in an era of tight budgets, it is critical to have a strong voice for peach growers. Without growth and support by membership, the peach industry will be vulnerable to declines in support at the state and university level. Invest in the strength of the peach industry in North Carolina by joining the NC Peach Growers’ Society today.

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NCDA&CS Marketing Division
Important information!

Grants available to help farms promote tourism To help promote Agritourism farms across North Carolina, the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is providing a marketing cost-share grant opportunity through the support of the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission.

Funds can be used for marketing materials and tools, which can include and are not limited to: E-newsletter subscriptions, graphic design, production and printing of custom brochures, value-added product labels, professional directional on- and off-farm signage, and development or refresh of website. These tools should be used in conjunction with a clear strategy that such an investment will result in more visitors to the farm and/or an increase in revenue based on additional sales of value-added products and services.

This is a marketing cost-share grant available to farms that welcome visitors. Farms will invest $1 for every $3 in grant money received for approved projects for individual farms. For example, a $250 farm investment will result in a $1,000 grant. A $500 farm investment will result in a $2,000 grant, and a $1,000 investment will result in a $4000 grant. Contact brenna.bunch@ncagr.gov  for information and application.

Go to the link below to find the online application.


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